Twitter Quips

Each of these poems is within Twitter’s 280-character limit, excluding the title.

I like the challenge of a limit.

That’s why writing these short “Twitter Quips,” as I call them, is a fun exercise in crafting clear and efficient text.
I Realized Today
On Writing
Sidewalk Chewed Me Up
No Stings
Tall Man
I Brought Rhubarb Curd to In-Laws' Party

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I Realized Today
If I'm in a fender bender
it will be because of a cow 
rolling in dust

If I veer off the road
it's because a young, lanky horse
stood in morning sunlight

And definitely because a mule
looked wise for rows and seasons
yes these will be the reasons
On Writing
Writing is 
endless tinkering
ideas like
line jumpers
the end
is the beginning is
the middle is
until the poem
pulls inside out
like laundry
or chiasmus

Posted to Twitter on January 5, 2021
Sidewalk Chewed Me Up
Get home lickety-split
toting milk, in a bag, with chips
bedtime's coming quick
run swift, until
breast stroke through air
land on knees, groceries
check chafed palms
nurse bloody knees
childhood's stings
still hurt mid-thirties.

Posted to Twitter on July 22, 2020
No Stings
Ten _ucks
a _unch.
_ring home
a _ouquet,
leave _ehind
the _ees.

Tall Man
It starts as a spat:
His head
with his height.
--What the--
Curses fly
arms do, too
when tall man
and ceiling fan

Posted to Twitter on May 6, 2020
I Brought Rhubarb Curd to In-Laws’ Party
And nobody would touch it.
"Who could eat a word like curd?"
They muttered to be sure I'd heard.
"You think this is a cooking show?"
scoffed grumpy Uncle So-and-So.
Rude, yes.
But I didn't care.
It was never my intent to share.

Posted to Twitter on February 1, 2020

Nature Haiku

Feeder sways, empty.
Was it a bluebird that came,
a thief, or the wind?

Warm wind lifts skirts, leaves
their undersides show silver
girls twirl, wait for storm

Linden sheds its skin
crisp bark like brown confetti
tossed by last night's wind

Maples stand, helpless
their duct tape belts impotent
almost a welcome

--regarding the spotted lanternfly, an invasive species in PA

Lawnmowers retreat
robins, catbirds fall silent
it's time now for rain

Ravine awakens, in bloom
springtime walk on well-worn trail
so green, and so soon

Rain, then snow at night
today closes heavy eyes
wakes white tomorrow

Mealworms in feeder
bluebirds come to eat, then leave
flash of azure joy

Family Haiku
She climbs onto me
legs smooth and cool in my lap
like two polished stones

Drinks under string lights,
circle of chairs, yet upstairs
dreams paint all the walls

Cellophane glistens,
crinkles like wrapping; open
each book like a gift

This haiku was featured on The Haiku Foundation's website

Holding your small hand,
my favorite way to go
anywhere at all

So much joy
ready to be put on
in a little girl's closet

Quirky Haiku
A piece of wisdom
(I'm lazy in the kitchen):
Bread can toast itself

Full vacuum canister
I am both repulsed
and excited

Giant grocery carts
minimalist dreams expire
on "club store" shelves

Toe dips into clawfoot
slides under silky water
small joy, big bathtub

Hood around my ears
rustles like I'm running fast
but the neighbors know

Days and days in bed
I didn't notice that I'm
wearing a necklace

Small things, like hairpins
me leaving the bedroom
needing to wear shoes

I will pray before
the Schuylkill Expressway and
its last four letters

The earth spins again
the moment I recall a
forgotten password