Twitter Quips

Each of these poems is within Twitter’s 280-character limit, excluding the title.

I like the challenge of a limit.

That’s why writing these short “Twitter Quips,” as I call them, is a fun exercise in crafting clear and efficient text.
On Writing
Writing is 
endless tinkering
ideas like
line jumpers
the end
is the beginning is
the middle is
until the poem
pulls inside out
like laundry
or chiasmus

Posted to Twitter on January 5, 2021
Show & Tell
cutting board
seeds crunch
juice splatters bow-tied boy
Is that wine?
stains the craft table
Will we get in trouble?
Mrs. Remmert pops gems
onto a plate.
We reach for rubies, garnets
treasure for kings and queens.

Posted to Twitter on October 30, 2020
Good Morning
I shut a fly in the bathroom last night
too tired to catch him or crush him.
I said (as I lay safe in bed)
"Let him buzz on the faucet
instead of my face.
I'll concede him the towels
in my pillow's place."
But what did I forget to consider?
Flies are nasty toothbrush-sitters.

Posted to Twitter on August 13, 2020
Sidewalk Chewed Me Up
Get home lickety-split
toting milk, in a bag, with chips
bedtime's coming quick
run swift, until
breast stroke through air
land on knees, groceries
check chafed palms
nurse bloody knees
childhood's stings still hurt mid-thirties.

Posted to Twitter on July 22, 2020
No Stings
Ten _ucks
a _unch.
_ring home
a _ouquet,
leave _ehind
the _ees.


Dental Math
the difference
between 36 and 4
is being ok with
using a toothbrush
from the bathroom floor.

Posted to Twitter on July 5, 2020
Tall Man
It starts as a spat:
His head
with his height.
--What the--
Curses fly
arms do, too
when tall man
and ceiling fan

Posted to Twitter on May 6, 2020
Spring Haiku
Feeder sways, empty.
Was it a bluebird that came,
a thief, or the wind?

Posted to Twitter on April 30, 2020
I Brought Rhubarb Curd to In-Laws’ Party
And nobody would touch it.
"Who could eat a word like curd?"
They muttered to be sure I'd heard.
"You think this is a cooking show?"
scoffed grumpy Uncle So-and-So.
Rude, yes.
But I didn't care.
It was never my intent to share.

Posted to Twitter on February 1, 2020

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